“Do something you love for a living and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” While I didn’t write these words, they definitely reflect my 30 years in television production ….and I still love directing television for a living.

During my formal education in television production I was bitten by the “bug” to work in television. Directing an EMMY winning series right after completing my Master’s program helped open up a job opportunity at ABC News. There I spent the next eleven years working in live network television news. I learned some key directing essentials – critical organizational skills, how to work efficiently, concise communication ….and how to keep a calm head when it’s needed most. Working as an Associate Director, I was exposed to a wide variety of directors and styles. And so I began to formulate my own individual directing approach- which I like to think incorporates the best characteristics from all directors I worked with.

Years of directing both multi-camera and single camera productions have honed me into a solidly skilled people-oriented director comfortable around on-camera professional talent and corporate CEOs alike. I also have tremendous respect for crew and recognize their crucial value in achieving the best results on screen.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, patient, the “glass is half full” kind of director/producer with years of directing experience in both multi-camera and single camera production, please contact me so we can discuss your project.