Here are samples of live multi-camera corporate television projects and events I’ve produced and directed. They include a broad range: satellite broadcasts and internet streaming; studio and remote productions; domestic and international originations. Some are straightforward multi-camera presentations; others are large complex broadcast meeting events and include title animations, graphics, tape roll-ins, on-site audiences, IMAG, Fax/Phone/e-mail Q&A, multiple live remotes, interviews, panel discussions, demonstrations and role plays. I’ve also directed several multi-camera productions of live surgical procedures- as remote components for a number of medical conventions.

Clients include American Express, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Nortel, New York Life, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, DeLoitte & Touche, IBM, Pitney Bowes, International Institut Learning and US Surgical...among others. There’s also a short single camera field directed corporate vignette portraying 1978 hospital technology for General Signal.

Each project has its own unique and challenging story….here’s a bit more detail, and I’m glad to expand should you have any questions.

In the first snippet, we converted a bare bones Nortel corporate auditorium into a pretty respectable looking soundstage for a live multi-camera broadcast.

For a live four hour international broadcast produced for a Connecticut based pharmaceutical company we literally transformed a huge university gymnasium into a soundstage that included twin discrete IMAG screen feeds, 6 cameras (including two Jibs), 5 incoming multi-camera remotes and a host site audience of 1,100.

New York City’s famed Trinity Church hosted a live corporate satellite broadcast which included several musical performances.

For Pitney Bowes, I directed a live studio originated David Letterman type corporate broadcast titled “pb live” which was down linked to selected movie theaters for an upbeat employee screening experience- complete with hot popcorn!

There’s also a short single camera field directed corporate vignette portraying 1978 hospital nurse-calling technology. This, along with two other dramatic scenarios I directed, was used as the basis for a corporate video exploring General Signal’s long history of manufacturing products that help save lives.